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There are many reasons why a woman is interested in a wig. Often, health reasons underlie the desire for a second hairstyle. Hair loss can have an impact on a person’s psyche that should not be underestimated. When the hair becomes thinner, many people lose self-confidence. Yet it is so easy to restore the beauty of hair. After a short period of adjustment, the mental low is overcome and the joy of life returns. Once they have had this experience, wig wearers no longer want to do without their hair replacement and many even ask themselves why they put off taking this step for so long. Others only wear their second hair on special occasions or when they want a bit of variety in their look.

If you too are considering getting a wig as a secondary hairstyle, but don’t quite know where to start, we’ll be happy to help. Because not all wigs are the same, the choice is huge. We would like to help you find the perfect wig for you. But before you decide on a particular wig, many questions arise, such as: Does it even make sense to buy my ladies wig online, and how much should a good ladies wig cost? What are the different types and which hairstyle should I choose? Here are some important tips for finding the perfect ladies’ wig.


1. buy a ladies’ wig – online or in a specialist shop?

2. how much does a wig cost?

3. real hair, synthetic hair or heat-resistant synthetic hair? The differences at a glance:

4. which hair colour suits me?

5. the perfect haircut

6. how to find the right size for your wig

7. which manufacturers offer wigs for women?

8. what is the difference between extensions and wigs for women?

9. how to keep a wig on your head

10. have fun choosing your perfect wig!



You may still be sceptical – is it really possible to buy a ladies’ wig online or would it not be better to go to a specialist shop? We can reassure you. Buying wigs online has become commonplace and is just as easy as buying them in a specialist shop. Many people even prefer buying online to buying locally. On our website, you can make your choice in peace, compare prices, and do it all from the comfort of your couch at home.


And what about advice? you may now be asking. Take advantage of the information we have lovingly compiled for you. In addition, our free hotline is at your disposal, also here you will receive advice & help on the subject of hair replacement on all questions that are still burning on your tongue after reading this article. Can’t make up your mind? No problem. We will deliver three wigs to your home for you to choose from. This way you can try them on, discuss with your loved ones which wig suits you best, and return any ladies’ wig you don’t want free of charge. It’s uncomplicated and often even cheaper than in a specialist shop.



Speaking of cheap: How much the two-hair costs depends on the material of the hair and the way it is processed. The price range is high, from around a hundred euros to a few hundred euros.


A big cost factor is the way the hair replacement is made. We are talking about monofilament, lacefront and braids here – terms that may seem Spanish to new buyers at first. But don’t worry, it’s not that complicated. It’s simply that ladies’ wigs can be made by machine or by hand. In the case of machine-made wigs, the hair is sewn onto thin elastic bands. This creates so-called braids, which are then sewn together at intervals of about 1 cm. The braid wig is the cheapest type of wig to make. In addition to wigs made entirely of braids, there are also wigs with a scalp imitation, a so-called monofilament on the top of the head. Depending on the shape of the monofilament, the crown or the vertebra looks very natural. The price of these wigs is somewhat higher because the hair in the area of the monofilament has to be worked in by hand. Then there are women’s wigs with a large monofilament area on the top of the head, which only have strands on the sides. In the fourth type of wig, no braids are used at all, the whole wig is hand-knotted. Many wigs with monofilament also have a lace front. Here, the hairline on the forehead looks particularly natural.


The second cost factor relates to the material of the hair. There are wigs made of human hair and wigs made of synthetic hair, whereby human hair is naturally more expensive – after all, the donor of the hair also wants to be adequately remunerated. For human hair wigs, you have to calculate at least three times the price compared to synthetic hair wigs. If you only need a temporary hair replacement, for example after chemotherapy, you might want to opt for a synthetic hair wig because it is cheaper. On the other hand, many long-time wig wearers swear by synthetic hair. It is easy to care for and the layperson can hardly tell it apart from real hair.




Feel and look:Despite the higher price, many ladies prefer real hair because it feels and styles like real hair. Synthetic hair, however, is nowadays of such good quality that it looks and feels deceptively real.


Tinting and colouring: You can colour and dye human hair like your own hair. This is not possible with synthetic hair because the colour of the polyester fibres is already predetermined by the manufacturer and cannot be easily changed.


Heat resistance:Real hair wigs can also be treated with a straightening iron or hair dryer. This is only possible to a limited extent with synthetic hair. However, if you try to style conventional hair with heat, you run the risk of irreparably damaging your wig. Getting too close to the oven or other sources of heat such as campfires or the like can also damage your second hair. However, in addition to heat-sensitive hair replacement, there is also heat-resistant synthetic hair, also known as Futura Hair and Prime Hair. These innovative fibres can be styled like real hair and can be processed with straighteners, curling irons or hair dryers. Heat-resistant synthetic wigs are usually priced a little higher than non-heat-resistant hair, but are less expensive than human hair wigs.


Memory real hair wigs are more labour-intensive because – just like natural hair – you have to style them every time you wash them. The synthetic hair wig has a memory: it keeps the given hairstyle even after washing and saves you a lot of work when styling.


Which price range you choose is ultimately a question of personal budget, taste and wearing comfort. The only thing left to decide is what style your wig should have …




Choosing the right hair colour is extremely important and this is where a major stumbling block lies buried. To start with, it is advisable to choose a colour that is as close as possible to your natural hair colour and/or your last worn hair colour. This will make the transition easier. Stylists advise not to make too blatant type changes. The hair colour should definitely match your type, i.e. your skin colour. If you choose a hair colour that does not match your natural type, your face will look sallow, yellowish, sick. So if you have naturally dark brown hair, it would be good to initially choose a wig in this colour scheme as well. Most people can have up to three shades lighter or darker than their natural hair.



When it comes to haircuts, we advise wig newbies not to be too experimental with their first second hair. It is best to choose a cut that you are used to and know you will be comfortable with. If you have never worn fringes before, it would be advisable to opt for a hairstyle without fringes first – and vice versa. Otherwise, the rule is: it’s better to have your hair a little longer than too short, because re-cutting is no problem. Your trusted hairdresser will certainly be happy to advise you on this …


A question that younger women in particular often ask: “Can I even do hairstyles with a wig?” Yes, you can. With a wig with long hair, a low ponytail or chignon is possible, as well as a French braid and many other pretty hairstyles. Just try it out and experiment.




People naturally have different sized heads. That is why wigs are made in different sizes. In English, the terms “petite” or “small” have become established for wig sizes with no headgear, i.e. a small head circumference (52-54 cm), and “large” for wigs with an extra-large headgear (58-60 cm). However, most wigs are made in average sizes (54-58 cm).

To find out the right size for your women’s wig, take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head, starting at the forehead at the top of the hairline and continuing along the hairline past the ear, neck, second ear and back to the forehead. Most women come back fine with the normal, average wig size. In addition, elastic bands or Velcro straps are sewn into each wig, so that the wig can be adjusted by one or two centimetres to fit your head size.




At we have created our own collection of synthetic wigs called allhair. In addition, we offer wigs from well-known manufacturers such as Ellen Wille and Raquel Welch. What makes them stand out?


Ellen Wille The Hair-Company GmbH is a long established German wig company that stands for high quality women’s wigs, both synthetic and human hair.


Raquel Welch is an American actress whose collection is characterised by versatile modern looks. Many American actors rely on her wigs.




The English word “extension” literally means “lengthening” and refers to pieces of hair that are put into one’s own hair to make it look fuller and/or longer.


In addition to the classic extensions, there are also top of the head hairpieces, often referred to as “toppers”. Toppers are the perfect solution for ladies and girls who have enough hair on the side of their head, but whose hair on the top of their head or crown is thinning or they have bald spots they want to cover. By means of toupee clips, the top of the head hairpieces are attached to the patient’s own hair and blend in seamlessly with the natural hair.


With all hairpieces, it is especially important to choose the correct colour. The hairpiece should match the current hair colour as best as possible so as not to stand out. Extensions or hairpieces never cover the entire head, which makes them different from wigs by definition.




A wig is held on the head by the sewn-in elastic bands. Some women would like an additional fastening option. For this purpose, adhesive strips or spots can be used. Women who still have a lot of their own hair can also attach their wigs to their own hair with clips. A wig cap can be used if you wish, but is not absolutely necessary. Unless your natural hair is very long. In such a case, a hairnet is recommended.




We hope we have shed some light on the subject with our personal buying guide. Nowadays, wigs don’t cost the earth, are affordable for everyone or every woman and are usually not recognisable as such.


Ideally, you now have a picture in your mind of what your perfect women’s wig should look like. With this image in mind, it will be much easier for you to choose the right second hair. To save time, you can use our filters during your search in our shop and filter, for example, by type of outfit, by wig size and/or by material. By the way, don’t let the picture confuse you as far as the colour is concerned. It is only meant to illustrate the haircut. Many of our second hair products are not only available in the colour shown, but usually also in several other appealing colours. In the detailed view of each wig you will find all the important information. Should one or the other question still arise, please do not hesitate to call us. We will be happy to help.


Finally, two insider tips from experienced wig wearers:


When putting on your wig, make sure you push it back to your hairline on your forehead. If you don’t know where your natural hairline begins, you can help yourself with a simple trick: Place the four fingers of one hand flat on your forehead, with the little finger directly above both eyebrows. Where the fingers end is where most people’s natural hairline would be.

If you still have natural hair, you can bring out some of your own natural hair at the temples and forehead with a chopstick or with your fingers under the ladies’ wig. Then blend it with the wig hair for a very natural look.


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