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Nails Valentine 2021 –

Great Valentine’s Day is approaching so we can not only bet on looking for the best looks, the best Valentine’s 2021 hairstyles or the best Valentine’s 2021 makeup, but we can also look at a manicure or a nail decoration that is special for this celebration. Let’s see below what are the best trends and […]

Haircuts for women 2021 winter

The best haircuts for Women Winter 2021 and hairstyles¬†now in Modaellas.¬†The cuts that are worn the most and that are going to be worn the most in the coming months, are set on¬†punk and rock trends¬†. A very important tip to show off the best haircut¬†.¬†Those of you who have been following us for a […]

Types of bangs 2021 which one to choose

When it comes to going to the hairdresser, many doubts may arise.¬†You probably already have chosen your new hairstyle or your favorite for this season, but even if you more or less know how you want to look your hair, there is a part that is especially problematic when it comes to wearing a flattering […]

Pink highlights 9 ideas with photos to look great!

The process to have pink or pastel highlights is very fashionable nowadays, from blonde, brown, platinum or black hair, pink highlights have been a great idea to apply to hair.¬†The way to do it is very simple, so this process consists of a series of steps to obtain the best pink highlights without damaging the […]

Hairstyles to look slim 12 ideas that reduce several kilos!

When it comes to looking slim, many women spend a lot of time and energy focusing on strict diets and consistent exercise.¬†However, there is something that many have not realized and that is that¬†you can transform a face quickly by trying some of these 12 hairstyles to look slim¬†.¬†We bring you ideas that reduce several […]

10 cuts and hairstyles for brides

Cuts and hairstyles for BRIDES: Marriage is one of the most special and wonderful occasions in the life of every woman.¬†As a day like this is lived only once in your life, it is always very important to look as dazzling as possible.¬†For a bride to look completely beautiful and resplendent on such a special […]

5 cuts and women’s hairstyles for parties!

  When attending a party, for a woman the dress is so important that the¬†hairstyle or cut¬†that is made on that day¬†is worn¬†. The hairstyle depends on the party¬†where you go.¬†If it is a baptism or wedding party, you cannot wear the same hairstyle as in a teenage party.     But like clothes, the […]

The 10 weirdest haircuts for women!

  In continuation to¬†the 10 weirdest haircuts for men¬†today we present¬†the 10 weirdest haircuts for WOMEN for¬†.¬†You have to be a woman with a lot of personality to do these hairstyles, dyes and haircuts and then dare to go out, but there are people for everything and about the beautiful and the ugly everything goes […]

10 long layered haircuts

  All women ever wish or had¬†long hair.¬†From ancient times, hair was a symbol of¬†fertility and sensuality.¬†Therefore, the longer and healthier a woman had, the hair was¬†desired and adored.¬†       The¬†long hair¬†looks healthy when the¬†health¬†of the wearer is good, because according to¬†experts, the body takes nutrients from the hair when they are deficient […]

Ko haircuts do you dare Some recommendations

KO¬†as we know means¬†“out of combat”¬†term that was originally used for sports use and today it extends to many areas. What is out of the game, was once a trend or was important in some area.¬†Do you not remember a¬†haircut¬†, dress or accessory that you would not use today? But beware!¬†Also a haircut can be […]

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