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Why do bees hurt so much?

A mosquito bites us all the time and while they are annoying they do not hurt as much. But bees are something you will never forget. Why do bees hurt so much? A quick response would be that because of our brain, which sends us pain signals, so that we can remove the sting that […]

Free sheet music on IMSLP –

You have probably ever searched for a sheet of music on the internet and found that they are asking you for a few dollars for it. I think that’s right. But while searching, I came across a site called IMSLP which I wanted to share with you all. It is a website that, as you […]

Cystitis: get rid of it quickly

Cystitis is a type of acne that differs from common acne by affecting the much deeper layers of the skin. It is much more complicated to handle and is much more visible, which can put people suffering from it in awkward situations. To help you solve this problem, we are going to explain the remedies […]

How to grow tomatoes –

Although we recently saw a list of what to sow in November, if you have a vegetable garden on your balcony or garden, it might be a good idea to plant seeds to grow tomatoes, so we explain all the steps that need to be followed to perform tomato cultivation. Article index: Growing tomatoes at […]

Download Chinese characters for tattoos

It is common for people to ask “how is my name spelled Chinese letter“And other words in that language, to be able to make a good design in Chinese characters, so today we will share a link where you can download Chinese tattoo characters. Clear Chinese is a site set to provide resources to the […]

Tattoo Sugar Cube –

Sugarcane tattoo or sugarcane tattoo. These drawings of brightly colored skulls are very typical in Mexico to celebrate the “Day of the Dead” – which is celebrated one day after All Saints’ Day here – November 2nd. Decorated skulls are available in chichanos tattoo, now we also see skulls decorated on clothes, belts and fashion […]

How to create waves with the iron

Are you one of those people who likes to be the latest in trends in hairdressing? Do not miss the details of the article we have prepared for Trends one of the favorite hairstyles for many women, the waves. If you do not have much time to go to the hairdresser, be very careful because […]

Homemade compost –

We update content with videos If you have a small garden at home or a garden, it is a good idea to create compost to recycle and nourish your soil and plants. In tendenzias we tell you how to create homemade compost with detailed step by step videos. What is compost? It is a compost […]

Small Greenhouses –

The home greenhouse They can be built very easily, as they do not have to have very complex structures protect crops from cold and from weather. In the same way that they protect the crop, greenhouses allow air and sun to reach the plants and so you can sow earlier, harvest earlier and have organic […]

Free Electronic DNI Reader with Blogsfarm

Well yes friends. At Blogsfarm, we are not only dedicated to publishing the magazines of the future and offering them free reading, but we also help to spread technology in Spanish society. This way, from Blogsfarm and in partnership with the campaign from October 1st to the end of 2009, and only paying € […]

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