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Cracked hands: why it happens and how to reduce pain

Especially in winter, when it is very cold, dryness and cracks can appear on our sensitive skin, something that increases even more as we age. In fact, as we get older (especially from the age of 30 or 40), we often start to notice how hands tend to become much drier, so that uncomfortable and […]

Pictures of Modern Bedrooms –

In the interior, we have already indicated several times how the decoration for the room can be, either choosing colors for the bedroom, or actually showing the best pictures for the bedroom, but this time I want to focus on those with a modern design. Article index: Minimalist bedroom Bedroom with colors Ikea bedroom Bo […]

Black light bulbs and their different uses

We usually see them and find them at parties or X-ray offices when we go for an X-ray. However, we rarely wonder what these black light bulbs are used for. Black light bulbs are also known as “ultraviolet light“, Because of the dark purple color. In general, what is known about light bulbs that glow […]

Black Tattoo –

The tattoos are usually varied and depend on the taste of the person making them colored or not; although the truth is that we can say that the ones that are made the most are the ones that are made with black ink. The black tattoos will be the ones that, as I have mentioned […]

Eco-friendly supermarkets Supersano –

SuperSano, a chain of organic supermarkets that already has stores in Murcia, Alicante or Valencia, is now opening a store in Madrid. In another article by we talked about whether vegetable food is suitable for pets, today we will tell you more about these organic supermarkets. Supersano organic supermarkets Demand for organic products is growing […]

Devils Devils –

If there is a tattoo of angels, it is logical to think that there is also a tattoo of demons, and this because it must always be said, white for black, soft for spicy. It will always be the opposite of someone.All over the world we will find these types of tattoos, at least I […]

Arabic Dance for Men –

In general, when we talk about Arabic dance, we tend to think of belly dancing as women do. However, men are also able to dance this very special dance. In the history of the Arabs, almost all dances were made separate, although there are some dances that are mixed, such as the Dabke dance. The […]

Ram tattoo –

I want to show you this picture where two tattoos stand out in my opinion … one is a ram tattoo, something devilish for sure … and another is the design of a tribal tattoo with eyes on the inside of the elbows .. I hope you like it. .. these are very well made […]

Uptake of CO2 from the atmosphere, Germany fertilizes the sea with iron

The the German government authorized the conduct of geological experiments attempting to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through phytoplankton or algae, for which their growth will be stimulated “Fertilization” 300 km. oats with nanoparticles Ferrous sulfate. This controversial decision is translated into a project called LOHAFEX, which includes the ship RV Polarstern and it […]

Space Headquarters 2014 –

Although we are increasingly seeing that in houses and beds it is no longer customary for them to have a headboard, the truth is that every bedroom that has bed capacityWell, it can get a lot more stylish feeling and can sometimes even bother us. Headpiece 2014 Although this time we are going to advise […]

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