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Kristen Stewart’s first tattoo

Kristen Stewart defeats her breakup from Robert Pattinson by sharing entertainment with her friends. Great food, pool, dance and tattoo at the Pride and Glory tattoo parlor in Nasville, Tennessee. His mother, the writer Jules Stwart, has a sleeve tattoo on his arm, now mother and daughter already have something else in common. Kristen Stewart […]

The Orrorin walked on two legs 6 million years ago

Walking on two legs is a very strange adaptation policy in nature and our way of doing so is unique in nature, because we are perfectly upright, unlike birds, which are other animals that walk on two legs. There are many who occasionally walk on two legs, with some help or not, but have a […]

Tattoo Types –

There are many types of tattoos, so many that it would be impossible to name them all, so it would be best to start by explaining them permanent tattoo Y Temporary tattoo. Within the temporary tattoo we have henna tattoo, the sun tattoo, distilled water tattoo, to trace tattoos and paint tattoos, as their length […]

The best shampoo of the year 2021

Personal care is very important and people are increasingly aware of it and that is why the use of creams and products that help us with hygiene has increased. One of the parts of the body that we have to take care of the most is the hair, that’s why we need a good shampoo. […]

Newborn’s navel –

One of the most frightening things when we come home with a baby is tummy tuck. So we are going to tell you about navel care newborn, step by step with video in .es. When the baby is born doctor examines, connects and cuts the umbilical cord. A small part of them stays in the […]

eminem Archives –

Guts Over Fear is a song by rapper Eminem and Australian singer Sia, which was released on Eminem’s album Shady XV, November 2014. It was seen a little earlier in Denzel Washington’s film, The Equalizer. Text and translation Eminem – Guts Over Fear ft. My gut …

Fashion in sweaters and tops skulls

Heavy rock fashion Remember the pirate flags Jolly roger, with a skull and two shins? They are the latest in drawings for tops and sweaters. Another article talks about fashion trends for 2013, one of which is skull drawings. Pirate head drawing, Havy metal fashion It was used by many private individuals and pirates as […]

5 healthy green smoothies to drink before you exercise

More and more doctors and nutritionists recommend consuming vegetable juices and smoothies to start the day well. The expansion of this organic and 100% natural food has unleashed a “boom” that has today hit many homes and specialized establishments. Make your mixer, because we have collected for you five green smoothies very easy to make […]

Why is there sand on the beaches?

Beaches are a type of coastline of the sea, ocean, river or lakes, they are the result of waves, currents, tides that lay on the edge of land what the water carries, which is usually a very grainy material. That is why the beaches contain sand, which generally consists of tiny boulders and minerals. But […]

Hammocks for small children

Come a new product designed for little kids. That in addition to fulfilling the corresponding function, it consists of design and originality. They are special hanging chairs which are constructed in resistant acrylic and chrome steel arches, so that they are not only reliable and durable, they will also provide the environment in which they […]

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