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7 Spring Summer 2014 Development

What does this spring 2014 take? One of the fashion colors will be orange, this year the fashion is more informal and ethnic than ever before.

In another blog post we talked about makeup for spring, today we tell you 7 spring summer fashion trends with videos.


The color is orange

  • We’ve seen it at New York Fashion and also at Madrid Fashion Week. A warm color that accompanies everything. With brown, beige, blue, green or black. In the spring of summer orange turns a wild color.

Orange fashion

DIY, ‘do it yourself’ design



  • In the 80-90s, logos were all the rage, Chanel, Moschino, Dior or Versace they used their logo on many garments. For several seasons, labels have returned to clothing as well as drawings and words on clothing. Bring out tops or sweaters that you have with letters and you will combine them with jeans or leggings, they are in fashion. The casual look is pretty grunge.


fashion brands

Family Prints

  • Strong, fun and colorful printing. They go well with plain clothes. This spring and summer, they take a lot, continue the animal prints (animal prints) floral and geometric prints. A brand that I really like family and ethnic prints is Desigual.

Ethnic prints

The golden

  • If you like bright fabrics in the spring, then gold is worn a lot, not only for the night, but also for the day. We have seen it on many catwalks, sophisticated and original, each garment in gold undoubtedly attracts attention.

  • If you wear a gold skirt or cut off your trousers, you can always wear clothes with gold studs or buckles or gold accessories such as various necklaces, bracelets or gold shoes or boots.

Fashion gold

Surfing style (shorts, together at the waist with elastics or strings)

  • Casual and comfortable fashion in surfing style but for everyday wear. Bermuda shorts with elastic or drawstring at the waist. Flowers, palm trees and herbal prints. Shirts or wide shirts and also lingerie (as if they were nightgowns) along with shorts.

  • Sweatshirts, vests, worn or torn jeans, along with striped tops very much in the ‘Navy’ wave


Kitten shoes so fashionable in the 50s

  • It was Audrey Hepburn in many of her films who popularized this style of shoe in the 1950s. kitten heel or kitten heels have a low heel about 3.5 cm and thin, they are more comfortable than high heels but seen from the front they look like shoes with a higher heel. This year they are fashionable shoes for spring summer.

Kitty heels

Video with fashion shows spring-summer 2014

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