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Bathroom furniture

Yesterday we talked to you about the design inside the bathroom and how important it is to take into account factors such as the place where the room was located inside the house or what elements we could hide in it.

That’s why today I have to name the furniture for the bathroom and that they are usually common in every house, although we can change them according to color and style.


The truth is that the furniture that is “essential” in any bathroom becomes the bathtub, or the shower depends a lot on the size of the bathroom, toilet, sink, mirror and sometimes we can even add as necessary to have a closet where to install bathroom components, such as mouthpieces, space for our creams and accessories, moisturizers, towels, etc.

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In this sense, it must be said that times have changed a lot and although in many bathrooms the renovation does not seem to have come yet, it must be said that today we can find all kinds of designs for the washbasin furniture from hanging furniture To save space, are wooden furniture to give the space more comfort, or even furniture that has the same cabinet and drawer and also saves a lot of space.

I’ll leave you a small photo album:

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