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How to wear curtain rugs fall fall 2021 – 2022

Curtains are all the rage, so for those girls who do not know what to do with this part of the hair, this is great news. Because curtain hoses are easy to wear and do not require much maintenance or care. We’ll show you How to Wear Curtain Blows Fall Winter 2021 – 2022 and […]

What are the properties and benefits of chamomile

The chamomile or chamomile It is a perennial plant that since ancient Greece, Egypt and the Roman Empire, its flowers have been used for medical purposes, and then we will discuss them properties, use and contraindications. Chamomile and types Chamomile is a grass that grows wild, has an upright stem with small white flowers, very […]

How to make easy bows for a girl

Children in the summer blame the heat much more than we do, high temperatures and long hair are not good allies. What do we do? Well, a typical pigtail or braid, something quick and refreshing. We forget that small children have their own fashion and when it comes to hairdressing, they like to go for […]

Tricks to curl your hair

If we want to take our hair in fashion or in fact we follow the trend of haircut and long hair, then one of the last bets is to have a wavy one, so at we now give you the best tips to achieve that. Next, tricks to curl your hair. To curl your hair, […]

More than 30 pictures of children’s beds for boys and girls

We know that children’s rooms tend to all have the same or similar structure, although the current market finally allows us to choose the children’s beds we like best. Before you buy something Crib, you must take into account the space in the room you are going to put it in, as well as the […]

Zara accessories for fall 2021

As every time we change the season, we must not only consider fashion in terms of clothing, but also accessories. We’ll show you Zara accessories for winter 2021. To see the entire Zara store, visit the Zara Winter Catalog 2021 Turban in Zara winter 2021 The hair styling accessory is ideal for warmer heads when […]

Sale Sfera Autumn Winter 2021

A new sales season is just around the corner, so knowing that soon we can enjoy the first season Room 2021Nothing like looking at one of the companies that offer the best discounts below. Let’s see now, what dates they will have and how they will be Sales of Sfera Winter 2021. When will the […]

Spring -Summer 2015 make-up –

Spring-summer makeup 2015, what do you wear this season? Various trends, naturalness, floral tones, very soft lips in nude pink or orange tones. At night, your eyes smoked with colors like water green or orchids. In another blog post we talked about Zara’s summer fashion, today we go over make-up. Spring-summer makeup 2015 Spring make-up […]

Trisquel Tattoo –

Triskelion or triskelion is an ancient Celtic symbol, a talisman that represents the balance between body, mind and spirit, it is also associated with eternity. In Celtic culture, it was used to reduce fever and prevent disease. In another article we talked about the yin yang tattoo, today we will tell you more about the […]

Dot tattoo –

Are you looking for original tattoo ideas? Dot tattoos are simple and minimalist tattoos. With the dots you can form a drawing by linking each other, or even a name or a sentence if we use the braille as a reference. In another article we talked about tattoos of mathematical symbols, today we will tell […]

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