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Celtic Tattoo Knots –

Celtic tattoos are tattoo very characteristic of that culture with its symbols and forms, but Celtic knot tattoo Many times they can be similar to tribal tattoos, where many shapes are alternated together to form, be very versatile and original tattoo, but have similarities ættar who have made tattoos of this kind increasingly popular among […]

Blouse and shirt pattern: How to create your own clothes

More and more people are choosing design your own clothes, and is that the internet is full of free and easy patterns that can be renewed wardrobe for little money and with absolute exclusivity. It seems difficult at first glance to sew something blouse pattern or shirt patternBut there are actually many easy models that […]

White Tattoo –

More precise and subtle tattoos can appear as a slight mark on the skin or a deficiency. These tattoos are an option for those who want a tattoo but opt ​​for a result that does not stand out. Impression of the skin that is noticeable, name or star tattoo. At we tell you more about […]

Tree Tattoo –

Flower tattoos are not the only exponential scientists plant world Ă­ tattoo, where wood tattoos are also usually popular and it is not for less, since wood is its main image ecology and nature, but it also has important meanings of wisdom, spiritual and ancestral. They can also be divided into several other labels according […]

The best tattoo of music groups

Music and tattoo. Two exciting worlds and it often goes together. Apart from wallpapering the room with pictures of their favorite bands, going to all their concerts and buying the latest from their albums, many fans go further and decide to wear them on their skin. Literally. In this article we are going to see […]

Tattoo by brand –

Brands like Apple, Chanel, BMW or Harley Davidson have millions of fans around the world. They are related to values, modernity, fashion or social status. Would you get a tattoo with the Apple apple or with the logo on your favorite car or motorcycle? The tattoo is a way of expressing individualism, are those who […]

Thor Ragnarok costumes for Carnival 2021

When it’s Halloween night, people have the custom of dressing up as important characters in popular culture, including the characters of horror movies and superheroes, who have recently become very famous for all the movies that have been released about them. . Near the date of Halloween and the last premiere of a new film […]

Onion shampoo for oily hair, does it work?

The onion shampoo for oily hair has become one of the most widely used for this type of hair and reaches healthy hair full of energy and balance in excess of the oil that is formed in the scalp. We tell you more about this type of sulfate-free shampoo, whether it works and how it […]

Flamenco fashion at SIMOF 2013

Flamenco fashion for the April Mass in Seville 2013 or for pilgrimages such as El RocĂ­o or Montellano. Polka dots, ruffles and manila shawls took the runway at SIMOF 2013. The 2013 trend in flamenco dresses by designers like Lina, Carmen Vega or Margarita Freire has shown its creativity, we will tell you more about […]

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