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10 long layered haircuts

  All women ever wish or had¬†long hair.¬†From ancient times, hair was a symbol of¬†fertility and sensuality.¬†Therefore, the longer and healthier a woman had, the hair was¬†desired and adored.¬†       The¬†long hair¬†looks healthy when the¬†health¬†of the wearer is good, because according to¬†experts, the body takes nutrients from the hair when they are deficient […]

Ko haircuts do you dare Some recommendations

KO¬†as we know means¬†“out of combat”¬†term that was originally used for sports use and today it extends to many areas. What is out of the game, was once a trend or was important in some area.¬†Do you not remember a¬†haircut¬†, dress or accessory that you would not use today? But beware!¬†Also a haircut can be […]

Short or long hair 8 things you should know

  Both men and women every time we need a change, the first option is to do it in the hair.¬†But what we always resist because we believe that there is no turning back is to go from long hair to a very short one. There are many things to take into account when deciding […]

Melena midi 6 things you should know

A new season is coming and you want to renew yourself.¬†If you have long hair, go for the¬†Midi Melena, or Medium Melena¬†. This trend that seems not to retreat has been one of the favorites of the models and stars, since without making a resounding change in the length of the hair you will look […]

Mullet cut 5 things to know

If you are somewhat rebellious and relaxed and are looking for trends to change your¬†haircut¬†, we present you to the¬†MULLET¬†cut¬†¬† and five things you should know. ORIGIN OF THE MULLET CUT. It is said that its main characteristic is¬†short on the skull and long on the back¬†, whose origin dates from when fishermen, historically, covered […]

Boho mane 6 things to know

As its name implies,¬†Boho¬†is for bohemian girls, free neo hippies.¬†If you are one of those who love nature, the outdoors and everything that inspires this style, you will be perfect. For this you must know:   1WHAT CHARACTERIZES THE BOHO MANE?   The¬†Boho mane¬†is a cut that accompanies a style.¬†If you have had¬†long hair¬†and you […]

Blonde hair disadvantages 6 things you sure don’t know

On¬†blond hair¬†or for women who carry it many things are said that men prefer¬†blondes women¬†, blondes are dumb, they are more¬†attractive¬†, and many other things you have heard out there, this time we will tell 6 things you surely don’t know about Blond Hair. NATURAL BLONDE HAIR The¬†natural blonde hair¬†is characterized by¬†low levels of melanin¬†that […]

Wavy or curly hair 10 cuts

The¬†¬†hair¬†¬†or¬†¬†hair¬†¬†is a continuation of the scalp made up of a¬†keratin¬†fiber¬†¬†made up of a root and a stem.¬†There are different types of hair, in their shapes and colors and everything has an explanation.¬†In this note, as we are going to deal with¬†wavy and curly hair¬†, the first thing we are going to do is differentiate one […]

Stepped haircuts 8 options for you!

  Have you ever had a¬†tiered haircut!¬†?¬†If you did it, you have already been able to see the advantages of this¬†cut¬†.¬†But if you are looking for a ¬†¬†new look,¬†here we will tell you what this cut consists of and its benefits. If you want to know more about the trends of this year, read¬†¬†10 haircuts […]

Straight bangs find out if it’s for you!

Have you been thinking about getting a¬†new look¬†?¬†Bangs are a great option! If you want to know more tips about your new possible look, read¬†¬†¬†Short or long hair?¬†8 things you should know¬†¬†. If you want to make a¬†classic fringe¬†, we recommend that it be a¬†straight fringe,¬†since it never goes out of style and looks good […]

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