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Children’s Law –

Childhood is the time when young children need to get to know themselves and the world around them. A fun way to do this is through a Childish song which includes a simple letter, but which in turn allows them to learn new concepts through memory.

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But also, kindergarten rhyme They are a perfect way for children to have fun or sleep when they are scared (and many other similar situations). The law They are so important in children’s lives that they will be remembered even when they are adults. Of course, you all still have this melody in your head, which you remember with warmth from time to time. Next, much more about kindergarten rhyme.

Different types of preschool rhymes

We can not say that there is a strict classification for kindergarten rhyme, although we can divide the content in relation to what the text says. The kindergarten rhyme more famous are the “lullabies”, which parents sing for children or young children so that they can rest.

When children are a little older, they always look for songs to entertain them. There are many kindergarten rhyme with very funny lyrics, which require a gesture to be made every time it is played. And then we can evaluate another musical themes with a more didactic cut, ideal for children who have already taken their first steps in school.

The most popular songs

If they search kindergarten rhyme to sing for your little ones, here is a selection of the best. The text has been removed from Wikipedia.

The little boat

It was once a small boat
and it was once a small boat;
and it was once a small boat;
that I could not, that I could not,
that he could not sail.

One, two, three, four teams,
five, six, seven weeks
and the groceries and the groceries,
they became scarce.

If the song, if the song,
it does not seem far to you;
We will return it, we will return it,
We’ll start over.

Pin Pon was a doll

Pin pon is a doll,

very handsome and made of cardboard,

he washes his hands

with soap and water,

hair detangles

with ivory comb,

and though he gives himself stretches

does not cry and does …

He drove the potato

He shredded the potato,
we will eat salad,
what the gentlemen eat,
oranges and lemons.

Happened, healed,
I sat down.

The coach I will read!

The coach I will read!
He told me last night, I will read!
If I wanted to, I would read!
go to the car I will read!
and I said I was going to read!
with a large salt shaker I will read!
I do not want a car, I will read!
that I dizzy, I will read!

I have, I have, I have

I have, I have, I have,

you have nothing,

I have three sheep

in the cabin.

One gives me milk

another gives me wool,

another holds me

all week.

Close your eyes, my snowman

Close your eyes

my snowman.

If you do not close them,

sleep does not come.

The dog San Roque

The San Roque dog does not have a tail,

because Ramón Rodríguez has stolen it.

The dog in San Roque has no tail,

because the skaters have eaten it.

The garden at my house

The garden at my house

is special,

gets wet when it rains,

like the rest.

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