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Ideas for decorating your bed to the last

The truth is that the decoration of our house is not only limited to choosing the right furniture for any space, whether it is the living room (recently we saw them in the green and yellow inspired by Ikea), or the bedroom, but some elements can have in itself a variety of decorative options. This applies to beds and now we want to give you some ideas to make them look cool.


Article index:

  1. Ideas for decorating your bed to the last
  2. Development in bed decoration

Ideas for decorating your bed to the last:


  • The pillows: The pillows are perhaps one of the decorative elements in a bed that can never be missed. Even if they are not your weakness and even if you do not intend to use them, always it’s better to have a few of them up in bed as they not only give a great style and give more harmony to the whole set, but we can “play” with them and combine them with the curtains.
  • The duvet cover: On the other hand Duvet It can also have a decorative function beyond what we use it to avoid being cold at night. At present we can find models that have all kinds of patterns and colors and it will blend in with the rest of the bedroom decoration.
  • Lamps : OK, lamps may not be elements that are placed on the beds, but we have to do that know how to match your style, design and color., which we choose for the bed. For example, if you choose a modern lamp, it is better to buy a cover or leaves that are in bright colors or white as the latest fashion.

mirrors over the bed

  • Headboard and wall decoration: Among the ideas for decorating the bed, we must also mention it let’s know how to choose a good headboard and above all we choose put a picture, sheet, mirror or vinyl that adorns the wall above the bed. Always take into account the set of decorative style.
  • We can also choose other elements that add more style to the decoration of the bed and the extension of the bedroom, such as curtains, some candles, wall clock, etc …

Development in bed decoration:


  • The harvest time “ It is a very good current trend for the decoration of our space. We can buy a bed as we see above (from corrugated iron), but also a place pillows and blankets á pastels and that they unite with wallpaper (and with flowers) on the wall.

Light green-bedroom-decorative-ideas

  • Another bet within current trends for decoration of your bed is it off Color which I have already mentioned when talking about the pillows, and if you are looking tone that is now in fashion this is green.
  • You can choose them pillows and bedding or bedding in shades of green, and you can combine it with matching curtains, but also if you “dare” you can turn all the decoration into a true treasure of this color.


  • Finally, we have to talk about “fluorine” collection from Zara Home, The latest of those launched and where we can find many ideas to decorate our bed to the last, such as fluorite for pillows, bedspreads and rugs.

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