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Lady Gaga will wear Spanish design

Singer Lady Gaga will wear Spanish design in her next music video. The designer, Eva Soto Conde, a young Galician who presented her collection on Madrid Fashion Week. Eva’s design appeared in international magazines, where Lady Gaga “loved” the style of this designer.


Pictures of dresses that are part of Eva Soto’s collection “Between lines”

Eva Soto, the keys to her design

  • Born in Cambados, Pontevedra, she has won several fashion-related awards, such as the International Paper Dress Competition. It’s innovative and very creative. Eva has a degree in art and also has a higher education in textile design. He has worked with fashion companies such as Jesús Peiró.


  • Á Madrid Fashion Week spring summer 2014 introduced its third museum called ‘Between Lines’. In this collection we see light colors with brush strokes in other colors. Dresses in nude pink, raspberry, beige and fuchsia pink. Inspired by nature and organisms, she uses geometry and mathematics to carefully enliven the patterns from which the dresses will emerge.


  • Pleats, pallets, puffs in different fabrics such as cotton or linen. Eva’s design has a volume that is studied at the waist or in the skirt or shoulders.

Lady Gaga excited for her design

  • The designer presented his collection on Madrid Fashion Week held in September 2013. His collection attracted the attention of fashion journalists who photographed his designs and commented on them in fashion magazines in the United States. According to the designer, it must have been there when Lady Gaga met her design, she or someone from her team.


  • Someone from the team at Lady Gaga’s communications and style office contacted Eva Soto to express an interest in purchasing some of her designs. The designer has come up with some designs for the singer, which she will possibly wear (at least one) in the next music video.


I had noticed her but you can not imagine that she will notice you!

  • The dresses have already been sent at the end of February, so of course Lady Gaga already has them with her, we will have to wait and see what she wears in the next video.

Video with Eva Soto’s collection, “Between Lines”

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