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Modern and rural dining room –

Dining set called “Chubby Brotthers”, their chairs they fall perfectly under the table and form a cubic meter block of natural wood with a powerful and dense appearance.

Chubby brotthers that is furniture that optimizes the space of the environment when we are not using it.

It is no longer necessary to avoid the chairs, they will be saved without causing any inconvenience.

With this modern and rustic dining room at the same time, we can incorporate into our home the warm touch that is typical of wood in a natural color. It has always been part of houses countryside, and many resting places that mix with the colors of nature, to provide well-being.

Brian Lee, its designer, made it from ash wood to combine the highest rural warmth in noble materials with the design line furniture modern of Yanko design.

This time we can incorporate this feeling into ours home, with the efficiency and effectiveness that daily life requires.

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